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 Christy-Ops Application

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PostSubject: Christy-Ops Application   Christy-Ops Application I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 16, 2012 9:08 pm

1. What is your name? Christy

2. What is your class? sorc

3. What is your main spec? heals

4. What is your raid experiance? was a raid leader in wow for over a year at 5 nights a week

5. Can your PC handle some of the more graphics intense battles? yes

6. Can you maintain at least 80% attendance for raids? yes

7. Please list your availability throughout the week. anything that is done beofere 9:45 during the week anything on weekends

8. Do you have a headset? ar at the very least a stand alone microphone and headphones? yes

9. Do you have a stable internet connection? yes

10. Can you follow complicated instructions? yes

11. What kind of gear are you wearing? 50/50 t1 and t2

12. Do you have Ventrilo? yes

13. Can you keep enough money to afford raid expenses (ie. Stims, Adrenals, and Repairs) yes

14. Why do you want to be a Titan? (What can we do for you?) Best end game guild

15. Why should we choose you to be in our next core group? (What can you do for us?) Been raiding for years and know what my role is and what to down some bosses

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Christy-Ops Application
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