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 Karagga's Palace G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator

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PostSubject: Karagga's Palace G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator   Karagga's Palace G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 4:18 am

Group Composition:
    2 Tanks
    2 Healers
    4 DPS

    Lots of punching
    Random target sticky grenade

    There are three igniters located along the conveyor belt where the boss is initially positioned. On Normal mode they all cause the burn effect on the boss, on Hard and Nightmare mode they do the following:
    Left - Removes both buffs from boss and prevents him from stacking more buffs for a limited time
    Center - Removes one buff from boss and kills all droids
    Right - Removes armor buff from boss and adds armor debuff
    Solve the Tower of Hanoi puzzle to activate one of the igniter controls
    Boss will stack armor and damage buff during the fight
    Boss will stack up to 10 armor debuffs on current target

Normal Mode Strategy:

    Once you activate the encounter you need to solve the puzzle and launch the igniter on the boss to wake him up. The puzzle is relatively simple, only having three tower pieces that need to be stacked. Here is the console overview:

Karagga's Palace G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator G4-B3stacks

Left Console:
    Sends the highest block from the left stack to the queue area (top middle) if the queue area is empty, otherwise brings the block from the queue area to the top of the left stack.

Center Console:
    Sends the highest block from the center stack to the queue area (top middle) if the queue area is empty, otherwise brings the block from the queue area to the top of the center stack.

Right Console:
    Sends the highest block from the right stack to the queue area (top middle) if the queue area is empty, otherwise brings the block from the queue area to the top of the right stack.

    To solve the puzzle you must stack the green pieces in descending order (1 on top, 2 in middle, 3 on bottom).

    Karagga's Palace G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator G4-B3Solvedpuzzle

    Once the puzzle is solved the button to turn on the igniter will become clickable. Make sure everyone is out from beneath the igniter before using it, since it will kill anyone caught in the blast area.

    TIP: You can stand on the yellow marked areas on the conveyor belt and will not be hit by the blast, you'll find these on both sides of the ignitor.

    Normally we have two people solving the puzzle, and we alternate igniters. To accomplish this one person will stand by the igniter we are planning to activate, this person will "pull" the proper blocks down into their stack. The second person will run between the two other control panels to push the blocks up to the queue area in the proper order.

    So - group positioning. Two people doing the control panels up top (and one healer), and everyone else down on the floor. Melee should be careful not to get on the far side of the conveyor (hard to heal them in this area) there are also LOS healing problems if you get too far on the left or right of the conveyor.

    Once the first debuff hits G4-B3 he will come alive. At this point the tank needs to take aggro and everyone should DPS like mad while the armor debuff is on. Once 1 stack of the armor buff has built up the two control panel people should get back to work solving for the next firing sequence.

    TIP: Before starting the fight players can apply debuffs to G4, Juggs/Guards can stack sunder armor and Commandos can stack Grav round etc. This can help people who are having trouble with the enrage timer by giving everyone a head start for the first burn phase.

    While there are 3 igniters you don't have to alternate between specific ones on Normal mode, they all perform the same function. You will still need to alternate because you can`t pull the same one twice - but it`s easier to go right->center->right then bringing him all the way to the left and back.

    When the droids appear the people up top should kill the ones between the control panels, and the people on the floor need to kill the ones on the conveyor. The rest can be safely left without issue (short range). If you have a healer on the floor you might want to clean up for him as well (ranged DPS).

    At this point hate swapping also isn't necessary if your healers can keep up with the damage on the main tank - if they are having trouble have tanks swap hate every second ignition pull to spread out the armor debuff.

    When targeted by the sticky grenade you'll see a target marker and blinking red dot on your character. Get away from other players, when it explodes the grenade does damage to you (normal) and much higher damage to anyone around you.

Hard Mode Strategy:

    Same as above, G4-B3 hits harder but the core mechanics are the same. Here you will likely want to swap hate between two tanks to combat the spiky damage due to the armor debuff stacking on the tank. You'll also want to alternate ignitors so you are removing the damage buff from the droid - that in combination with the armor debuff can kill a tank with an unlucky spike and delayed heal.

    For Hard mode you'll need to alternate igniters. We normally swap left and right, moving him back and forth. With the latest patch if the droids start to overwhelm you, use the center igniter to get rid of them.

    When triggering the left ignitor everyone should DPS the boss except the people doing controls, they should immediately start prepping the right ignitor in preparation for the next burn phase. During the burn phase (right ignitor triggered) everyone DPS's the boss until his armor buff starts stacking once more.

Nightmare Mode Strategy:

    Same as hard mode, more critical to hate swap and avoid the armor debuff stacking too high. Kill the droids quickly when they spawn (have ranged focus on them) while the tank moves the boss into the position.

    More critical to get away from others when you have the grenade on you.

16-man Changes:

    Normally we only have 2 people at the controls, but there is a debuff preventing the same person from clicking the same control box twice. This requires 3 people (minimum) to be up there doing the puzzle. It also takes longer since there is more running around.

    We ended up hitting the enrage timer on both attempts. Normally we have the people doing the puzzle DPS during the burn phase, in the future we would have them work on the puzzle continuously instead of DPSing - the loss of their DPS in easier to handle then the burners not being ready ASAP.

    The grenade also seemed to activate more often and did more damage (up to about ~8 for those hit by the AOE).

Tank Tips:

    As a JG - before starting the fight G4-B3 is asleep and hitting him won't cause him to wake up. Just before the ignition gets pulled using saber throw and then combat focus will give you a nice focus boost to get the fight started.

    Positioning the droid can be tricky at times, I've found the best thing to do is drag him sideways across the belt, then run into the center of him, then back out to the front of the conveyor belt when he is directly under the ignitor. As long as you are standing just off the belt and he is half way on the belt you'll be fine.

    TIP: You can stand on the yellow areas of the belt, this makes positioning him 10x easier since you don't have to stand off the belt there is less chance of him going wonky and being out of position.

    If he ends up circling around you, run to the back of the belt briefly, then run through him back to the front of the belt. As I mentioned before you'll have a hard time getting heals on the back of the belt, so make this quick and don't stay there, or use a defensive CD if you're low on health.

    Make sure you communicate with your OT if you are going to be pulling hate off each other, come up with a simple system (like every second igniter) so you each know what role you're playing at which time.

    If you're OTing make sure you help out killing the droids if you see the tank getting close to pulling into them.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lwuRP1QvChA
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Posts : 32
Join date : 2012-02-15

Karagga's Palace G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator Empty
PostSubject: Re: Karagga's Palace G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator   Karagga's Palace G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 4:19 am

Quick Recap:
    Left ignitor removes both buffs, right ignitor removes armor and causes armor debuff, center removes 1 random buff and kills droids
    Solve the puzzle to activate the igniters
    Don't stand on the belt when the igniter is being pulled
    Burn through the armor debuff phase
    Kill droids in walking paths (up top and on conveyor)
    Tank positions droid beneath igniters depending on which one is being currently solved
    Swap hate between tanks as necessary due to stacking armor debuff
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Karagga's Palace G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator
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