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 Karagga's Palace Foreman Crusher

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PostSubject: Karagga's Palace Foreman Crusher   Karagga's Palace Foreman Crusher I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 4:09 am

Group Composition:
    1 Tank
    2 Healers
    5 DPS

    Big Punch
    More Punching
    Rock Throw
    Shoulder Slam

    Foreman will go into a frenzy, upping his damage and attack speed at various intervals
    He will throw chunks of rock into the air, don't stand in the red targeting circles where they land
    Where the rocks land they will emit a dust cloud for a short time, anyone (including foreman) who walks through this cloud gets a major accuracy debuff.
    Adds spawn at various points

Normal Mode Strategy:

    First make sure everyone is through the gate before engaging, the gate will close and lock out anyone on the other side.

    Tank leaps in first to get aggro, everyone else should clean up the adds before focusing on Foreman.

    Don't stand in the red circles. You will know a rock is about to fall when he bends over and grabs the ground with both hands, then yanks it upward.

    When the adds spawn the OT (if you have one) should pick them up and DPS should switch to them and get them out of the way ASAP.

    During frenzy the tank should use his defensive cooldowns if necessary. The damage can usually be healed through.

    When frenzy ends Foreman will likely shoulderblock the tank sending him flying and switch targets. The OT can taunt here, or if the tank is fast enough he can get up and pull Foreman back before any damage is done.

Hard Mode Strategy:

    Same as normal, but he hits harder especially during frenzy. Here you might want to start making use of the accuracy debuffs from the dust storms. Just have the tank drag him to (or through) the dust storms. This is especially helpful if you can time it so that his frenzy starts with the debuff still on.

Nightmare Mode Strategy:

    Very important at this point to drag him through as many of the accuracy debuffs as you can. If you can get him through one before he frenzies it will make life for your healers exponentially better. If he frenzies before you can debuff him make sure to use a cooldown after the first few swats so it lasts the rest of the frenzy timer.

16-man Changes:

    There were more adds, but other then that the fight was exactly the same. Foreman did significantly more damage during his Fury, on harder difficulties I can see tanks needing to swap hate just to use their defensive CDs to live through the fight.

Tank Tips:

    Keep watch where the boulders are landing. When possible break off attacking and move to stand with a dust storm between you and Foreman so that he runs through it getting back to you.

    Really all you need to do is control the hate for this fight, the rest is out of your hands.

    If you are OTing make sure you are picking up the adds when they arrive, dropping an AOE on them and grouping them up makes it much easier for your DPS to focus on them and kill them quickly. Also watch the frenzy and if the tank goes flying and Foreman doesn't follow him pop a taunt immediately to keep him off healers/dps.

    Untested, but potentially with two tanks the OT can move so that a dust storm is between foreman and him, then taunt off the MT, causing Foreman to run through the dust to pick up the debuff. Not sure if this is easier than having the tank drag him into position - I'm planning to suggest this during next raid night.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-TBQkY1WoTU
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Posts : 32
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PostSubject: Re: Karagga's Palace Foreman Crusher   Karagga's Palace Foreman Crusher I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 4:09 am

Quick Recap:
    Get in through the gate before attacking
    Tank and Spank Foreman
    Don't stand in red circles
    Dust storms that appear where rocks fall cause accuracy debuffs, getting Foreman to run through these is great
    Kill adds when they appear, then focus back on Foreman
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Karagga's Palace Foreman Crusher
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