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 Karagga's Palace Jarg and Sorno

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Karagga's Palace Jarg and Sorno Empty
PostSubject: Karagga's Palace Jarg and Sorno   Karagga's Palace Jarg and Sorno I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 4:03 am

Group Composition:
    2 Tanks
    2 Healers
    4 DPS

Attacks (Jarg):
    Fire Spin

Attacks (Sorno):
    Full Auto

    Sorno's heals need to be interrupted
    Both Jarg and Sorno place debuffs on their target that will increase the type of damage they do (Jarg has a fire debuff, Sorno has an Unload debuff)
    Sorno will leap up to a platform and shoot rockets down upon everyone
    Jarg will summon a droid that will encase his current target in carbonite
    Jarg and Sorno will group in the center of the room, Sorno will grapple people to Jarg, and Jarg will do a fire AOE for high damage.
    When one dies the other will enrage (this is in addition to their standard enrage timer)

Normal Mode Strategy:

    This fight is easier with two tanks, but you can solo tank if necessary. For the rest of this I'll assume you're using two.

    Assign one tank to each target. The fight is easier by starting to DPS Sorno, since he is absent from the field at certain points and you'll have to switch over to Jarg anyway.

    Sorno's heals will need to be interrupted throughout the whole fight. His Full Auto should also be interrupted if possible since it does do quite a bit of damage.

    The tank on Jarg needs to focus on him as much as possible. Since you have to kill them both more or less at the same time having the extra DPS on Sorno isn't necessary.

    The fight is mostly "tank and spank" until the two of them jump into the center of the room, or Sorno leaps up onto his platform.
    1) Center of the room: The tank on Jarg needs to get out of the way, the tank on Sorno and DPS can continue burning him down. Sorno will rank 1-3 players toward Jarg, those players need to run out of the way ASAP
    2) Sorno Leaps: As soon as Sorno jumps out of the ring Jarg will summon a droid to carbonize his current target (the tank on him). Jarg will then switch targets and will need to be corralled. Sorno will mark the places he is firing missiles to with purple circles, don't stand in them. DPS needs to kill the carbonizing droid ASAP to free the tank.

    DPS should continue to focus on Sorno till about 15% then switch to Jarg. The tank on Sorno needs to keep interrupting him and doing damage. Once they are both around 7% focus on killing one and then the other as quickly as possible.

Hard Mode Strategy:

    You'll need two tanks for this fight both because of the mechanics and the increase in damage. It can get too spiky for healers to keep up with on a single person. Make sure to keep Jarg positioned away from Sorno, they can stack up, so make sure the tank on Jarg moves him away when necessary.

    When Sorno leaps to the platform the second tank needs to switch immediately and pick up Jarg, failure to get him quickly cause result in a healer dying.

    Healers will need to watch the tank on Sorno when DPS switches because Full Auto can deplete his health rapidly.

Nightmare Mode Strategy:

    Same as hard mode with a few small changes. Sorno's Full Auto needs to be interrupted immediately every time. To accomplish this you need to have two people who interrupts on Sorno through the whole fight. Those two should decide who is interrupting the heal and who is interrupting the damage.

    Because of the above change, DPS Sorno to 20% (instead of %15) then switch. If Sorno is in danger of dying too early swap the DPS to Jarg and have the tank continue to interrupt the damage skill, letting him heal himself a few times.

16-Man Changes:

    Again this seemed to go faster with the extra DPS. The fight mechanics didn't change at all. I did notice when Sorno (Your turn, My turn) marks someone for Jarg's shot, if it's a squishy target they can die in one hit, or at least be close to dying from the shot.

    I did note that 2 droids spawned (at a time) and carbonized people, which meant that the tank and OT both got stuck most of the time. Something to watch out for.

Tank Tips:

    At the beginning it's possible to use Force Sweep and hit both targets, this is a quick easy way to put yourself on the threat table of both Jarg and Sorno in case something happens. This is especially important for the tank on Sorno since he will have to pick up Jarg when Sorno leaps up to the platform.

    What I do to prepare is get threat on Sorno, rack up some hate to hold him through the DPS, then switch to Jarg and drop a hilt strike and some damage. I make sure to position myself between them and hit them both with sweep whenever it comes off cooldown. Sometimes this is enough to get him to switch to me after carbonizing the tank, but not always.

    Listen to the dialog, and when Sorno is about to leap, swap over to Jarg so you're ready when the droid appears. You need to taunt him right away and keep him off your squishy groupmates. Through the next portion tank him and drop as much DPS as possible.

    On Hard/Nightmare: The tank that comes out of carbonite should NOT immediately taunt Jarg back. Instead wait until the second droid appears (which will carbonize Sorno's tank) allowing the main tank for Jarg to take him back. On normal mode only one droid appears.

    It is critical to interrupt Sorno's heals and Full Auto, make sure you are watching for the skill you've been assigned to interrupt. Frequently I have trouble with my skills not firing, or being in the middle of an animation so I take the heal which doesn't have to be interrupted immediately. Work this out with your partner beforehand.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=grD8ZHNMu4Y

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Posts : 32
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Karagga's Palace Jarg and Sorno Empty
PostSubject: Re: Karagga's Palace Jarg and Sorno   Karagga's Palace Jarg and Sorno I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 4:03 am

Quick Recap:
    One tank on each boss
    Interrupt Sorno's heals (and damage on Hard and Nightmare)
    Don't stand in purple circles
    Run away from Jarg when he is spinning fire circles
    Killing one will enrage the other so take them both out as close together as possible
    Kill the droid as fast as possible when he appears and carbonizes the tank
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Karagga's Palace Jarg and Sorno
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