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 Karagga's Palace Bonethrasher

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PostSubject: Karagga's Palace Bonethrasher   Karagga's Palace Bonethrasher I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 3:57 am

Group Composition:
    1 Healer
    1 Healer/DPS
    6 DPS


    Frontal claw swipe - Cleave attack
    Single target pound - Smashes character down into the ground and immobilizes them temporarily
    AOE ground stomp
    Swat - Sends character flying
    Single adds spawn and walk toward Boss - he will eat these to gain strength
    Two elite adds spawn at 50%
    Bonethrasher has no sustained aggro table


    Notice I said Bonethrasher has no sustained aggro table - that isn't the same as not having one. Now, this is purely conjecture, but I posit that each time Bonethrasher chooses a new target he resets his aggro table. Since he is untauntable you can't redirect him from his chosen target at this point. After he performs his attacks against his chosen target he checks the aggro table that was built up since the last reset. The person at the top of that list (excluding current target) becomes his next target. Table resets, and the process starts all over.

    My reasoning is this: Normally a ranged DPS gets targeted - they've been able to stand in one place and do damage the whole time he is attacking the other player. Melee rarely gets targeted, since they have to run after him using instant abilities to do damage. Healers get targeted some of the time, infrequently because they aren't doing a lot of healing, the healing only happens after the attack comes and generally only on a single target. The only times I draw hate as a Tank spec, are when I'm dropping all my high hate abilities and get some lucky crits in a short period of time.

Normal Mode Strategy:

    Begin by spreading out, people should try to stay away from each other as much as possible to avoid the claw swipe damage hitting more than one person. It also helps when people are spread out to figure out who is being targeted. The targeted player should stand in one place and wait for Bonethrasher to beat on him allowing other people to move out of the way.

    Allow the tank (you'll have one, unless you're only doing this fight and will be running the instance with a different group) to attack first, since he will likely take the first swipe before Bonethrasher moves to his next target.

    Everyone should stay on the inner (dirt) ring at this point, standing on the metal outside ring is asking to be thrown off when Bonethrasher swats you instead of doing a cleave. Another way to combat being thrown off is to turn your back so you are perpendicular to Bonethrasher, his swat will generally always send you in the direction your back is to, so if your back is to the outside ring that's the direction you'll be going.

    Bonethrasher has a huge hitbox, which means as a melee character you can stand a good distance away from him and still do damage. In the end this will mean less chasing and more time DPSing.

    The adds that spawn and run toward Bonethrasher will be highlighted with a red glow (makes them easy to see). Hit these guys immediately, if he eats one his strength grows considerably.

    For the rest of the fight, just make sure you aren't standing next to the person being targeted. Strafe around away from Bonethrasher and don't clump up.

    At 50% CC one of the adds that spawn and quickly kill the other. Then turn DPS on the first one and burn it down as well.

    TIP: Healers use "target of target" to easily see who Bonethrasher is targetting to get ready for healing. Alt+T is the default keybinding.

Hard Mode Strategy:

    Bonethrasher hits significantly harder, but the fight is exactly the same otherwise. It might be good practice to shield "squishy" players as soon as they get targeted just to be safe. You might want to have your half time healer more full time heal for this fight.

Nightmare Mode Strategy:

    Bonethrasher hits even harder, you might want to add a full time healer for this fight. Shielding low health players becomes even more important.

    Since Bonethrasher is unpredictable using your defensive cooldowns when you are being targeted is a great way to save your healers some trouble. By the next time you're attacked it might even be ready again.

    We've run into his enrage timer a few times, so if your DPS isn't phenomenal (you have 2 tanks that you need for the rest of the run instead of full time DPS specs) you might hit them as well. To minimize our risk of that instead of killing off the adds that spawn at 50% we CC both of them and continue focusing on Bonethrasher. You just have to make sure your DPS are wary with their AOEs during the second half of the fight so they aren't breaking them out inadvertently.

16-Man Changes:

    This fight actually felt easier with more people. Before I knew it, we were at 50% and zerging the adds. People stayed out of the swipe radius as best they could and we didn't seem to have trouble with more people than usual being hit by the cleave effect. In fact, no one died and we cleared it on our first attempt - which almost never happens.

    There aren't any changes to the fight other then adding complexity by having so many more people moving around at once.

Tank Tips:

    Not much for a tank to do during this fight. In Normal and Hard mode you'll want to pick up the adds, and in Nightmare watch to make sure if they break CC they aren't hitting your healer - but other then that your role is to try and act like a DPS.

    I swap out some of my tank equipment to optimize my damage for this fight, which usually just consists of my implants, earpiece and relics.

    Throughout the fight I try to stay right beside one of Bonethrasher's ankles, this usually puts me in a good position to do continued DPS and to know when he is targeting me so I can make sure I'm in a good position to take his swats.

    This is a fight that I run into focus issues, and find myself using out focus generation skill quite often. If you don't have it on a convenient keybind you might want to move it.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=utM8kqe0Wio
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Posts : 32
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PostSubject: Re: Karagga's Palace Bonethrasher   Karagga's Palace Bonethrasher I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 3:58 am

Quick Recap:
    Spread out as much as possible while staying off the outer ring
    Bonethrasher has no aggro table and cannot be taunted
    Kill single glowing adds ASAP
    On easier difficulties kill the elite adds, on Nightmare CC them for the rest of the fight
    Keep DPS on the boss as high as possible
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Karagga's Palace Bonethrasher
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