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 Eternity Vault Gharj

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PostSubject: Eternity Vault Gharj   Eternity Vault Gharj I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 3:31 am

Group Composition:

    1 Tank
    2 Healers
    5 DPS
    General Melee
    Frontal Cleave
    Leap - AOE damage
    AOE Knockback
    You'll see an announcement that Gharj is getting ready to pounce, this is the queue for melee to get out of the way
    You'll see another announcement that Gharj is about to frenzy, which begins the transition phase
    At around half health Gharj begins spawning adds during the transition phase

Normal Mode Strategy:

    Begin by having the tank pull Gharj to one side of the island while the ranged DPS and heals go to the other side. By separating in this way only melee DPS have to worry about being in the way when Gharj pounces. Melee should stack behind Gharj to avoid the cleave and so they are together for AOE heals if necessary.

    When Gharj gets ready to pounce, melee needs to pull back to the group, once Gharj lands they should head back in to the fight.

    When Gharj frenzies everyone should break off and immediately head to the next island. At this point if there are adds the OT (off tank) should pick them up and drag them with the group toward the next island where they can be safely dealt with. Also remember to leapfrog to the next platforms and not run straight through the lava to make life easier on the healers.

    At the next island everyone (except the tank) should run for the far side, allowing the tank to position Gharj at the entrance point to the new island.

    When the Boss does his AOE knockback only the Tank doesn't go flying. Everyone else should get back into position as fast as possible (the lava has a stacking DOT). Melee dps should be position in such a way that they are only thrown a short way into the lava (if at all).

    TIP: KaiHeilos in this thread indicates that to prevent the lava bath everyone can run into melee range after the pounce, in this case saving themselves from flying into the lava. Our healers haven't seemed to have a problem healing through the DOTs and I think the interruption in DPS by people constantly repositioning might be a bad tradeoff - but if you are having issues with the lava this is definitely a worthwhile tip.

Hard Mode Strategy:

    There is no notable difference in Hard Mode other than Gharj does more damage.

    Nightmare Mode Strategy:

    Again no notable difference, he does more damage again and it is even more important that melee be out of the way for the leap damage.

16-Man Changes:

    There wasn't a noticeable difference in this fight. Even his AOE pounce only did ~6k damage, which isn't up much from 8-man.

Tank Tips:

    Make sure you position Gharj with his back toward your ranged group so that the melee dps can get into a good position. If necessary run through him and move him around a bit before running back through him into your corner.

    Try to get into position quickly after he begins his frenzy, don't worry about staying there to hit him, it is more important that you are prepared for him when he jumps to the new island. Also be ready when he jumps to the new island, it will perform an AOE stun, so if you're anywhere near the rest of the group it will stun them all as well.

    If you don't have an OT, AOE taunt the adds and drop a sweep on them before moving to the next island.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SnYjECMDnDI
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Posts : 32
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PostSubject: Re: Eternity Vault Gharj   Eternity Vault Gharj I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 3:31 am

Quick Recap:

    Tank on one side, DPS on the other side of the island
    Melee stay behind Gharj and get out of range when he is about to pounce
    When Gharj frenzies move to the next island
    Collect the adds and drag them to the next island, do not dps them on the sinking island
    Get out of the lava as fast as possible when you are knocked back
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Eternity Vault Gharj
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