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 Colonel Vorgath Boss 3

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Colonel Vorgath Boss 3 Empty
PostSubject: Colonel Vorgath Boss 3   Colonel Vorgath Boss 3 I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 10, 2012 11:13 pm

Group Composition:
    2 Tanks
    2 Healers
    4 DPS
    Alternatively you can do this with a single tank, but unless you're switching people between bosses you'll need 2 tanks to get here.

Attacks (Droid):

Attacks (Vorgath):
    AOE Knockback
    Demo Round
    Marked Explosion

    Sweep the mine field
    Disarm bombs to advance through the mine field
    Turrets will attack players the whole time they are in the mine field
    Vorgath will spawn 4 turrets that must be handled
    Vorgath will switch targets randomly

Story Mode Strategy:

    One tank is responsible for sweeping the minefield and one tank will move with the group to handle the Demolition Droid that spawns and drops the bomb defusal kit. To begin this fight just approach the shield, it will disappear.

    Click on the squares to uncover the bombs. We stayed with the middle two squares so we could pick the path of least resistance without having to uncover the whole field. Once the raid can not progress further (two red squares) click the button to the right and you will be teleported down (as a hologram) to the mine field. There will be a droid hovering over your head, it scans in a cone directly in front of you - the idea is to run around "sweeping" the mine field to uncover the demolition droid.

    Once the droid is uncovered head back to the tower and sweep further ahead of the raid while they kill the droid. Once the droid dies mark a square to be disarmed (turns yellow).

    At regular intervals a "strong" add will spawn in the tower that must be killed by the tank. In addition there is a cooldown after marking a square yellow - presumably to keep the person from disarming two mines with one kit.

    In the field:
    Adds will spawn constantly, there are three of them - normals only, they don't do much damage and can be killed easily.

    Move ahead on to green squares and progress toward the other side of the mine field. DO NOT step on red squares, or squares that have not yet been marked.

    Once the tank in the tower appears as a hologram get ready to kill the demolition droid that spawns. The tank should pick up the droid ASAP at this point. The droid does mostly normal melee attacks, but has a "cleave" that does respectable damage and should be interrupted as much as possible.

    Once the droid is dead there will be a notice for the raid on who received the kit, that person will also have a wrench over their head (not sure if this is visible to others or not). The person with the kit needs to wait for a square to turn yellow, then run over and right click (interact) with the mine to disarm it.

    NOTE: Only the person with the kit can move on to the yellow square, anyone else will blow up.

    Once the group has made it to the far side of the field there is a control panel on the right side that will disable the turrets and disable the rest of the minefield.

    From here the Colonel is just ahead with two adds. The tank should jump in to get aggro and let the rest of the group kill the adds quickly before focusing on the Colonel.

    The Colonel has an AOE knockback that he likes to use regularly. He will also mark a random player with a red circle, that person needs to move away from the rest of the group until the bomb on them explodes. The circle is huge and hard to miss.

    He will also swap to a random target at regular intervals, the tank needs to taunt back, but even doing that the other player will take some damage and needs to be shielded/healed through it.

    At some point during the fight the Colonel will spawn four turrets (two on each side) these can be CC'd until the end, or quickly burned down. The enrage timer is tight and even CCing them we hit it, so it might be best to leave them until after - more testing will solidify this strategy.

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=aJGwISce9cs
tower video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkZk6eD54PQ&feature=player_embedded

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Colonel Vorgath Boss 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Colonel Vorgath Boss 3   Colonel Vorgath Boss 3 I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 10, 2012 11:24 pm

Quick Recap:
    One person stays in the tower to sweep the field
    Green squares are safe, red squares are death
    Sweep the mine field to uncover Demolition Droids and get disarm kits
    Mark squares yellow to disarm them
    Vorgath switches targets frequently, taunt him back quickly
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Colonel Vorgath Boss 3
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