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 Eternity Vault Turrets

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PostSubject: Eternity Vault Turrets   Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:14 am

Group Composition:
    2 Tanks
    2 Heals
    4 DPS

    Standard Ranged
    Channeled Ranged

    Adds will spawn at various times
    Turrets are high on pillars making it difficult (if not impossible) for melee DPS to directly attack them. Also makes them difficult to Tank.
    Extremely long range
    Can see through Stealth
    Confirmed as of patch 1.1 turrets are no longer CC'able

Normal Mode Strategy:

    Main Tank runs in to take initial aggro from both turrets.

    Off Tank takes aggro from the second turret, focus fire on the first turret. Depending on your group composition you may need to attack the power cells around the base of the turret instead of the turret itself. Ranged DPS can attack the turret, melee DPS are stuck attacking the power cells.

    TIP: Infrequently a JK can leap up to the turret and will stay there allowing them to attack, more often they will immediately fall back down.

    If possible the OT should attempt to gather the adds that spawn so the group can manage them easier. This will generally only be if his leap didn't stick and he can't target the turret directly.

    Once the first turret is defeated the Main Tank (MT) should pick up the adds and let the OT continue focusing on the turret.

    Once the turrets are both killed immediately run back to the top of the ramp where you entered the area to prepare for the Boss' arrival.

Hard Mode Strategy:

    This plays out exactly the same as the Normal Mode. The turrets do more damage and the tank may need to use a defensive cooldown to get into initial range.

Nightmare Mode Strategy:

    Our MT died shortly after reaching the first turret due to the amount of damage - so will definitely need to use a defensive cooldown to get into initial range.

    In future encounters, one tank should attack each turret and tank them for the rest of the fight, keeping them from attacking the healers. Exception to this is if they can't reach the turrets to attack them, in that case they should taunt as often as possible and round up the adds as they spawn.

    DPS focus on one turret at a time, switching to the adds when they spawn to kill them quickly before they can cause much damage.

Tank Tips:

    If possible you will want to leap up onto the turret and stay there. If that doesn't work you're going to have a hard time. If you do fall, use your taunt to keep the turret on you while your DPS kill it, then back up and get into place for another try at leaping up.

    For tanks without a leap use your ranged skills to keep some threat buildup and taunt when necessary, your goal is to just keep the turrets from attacking the other players so your healers can focus on you.

    If adds spawn while you're on the ground single target taunt your turret to keep it's attention, then try to gather up the adds and help DPS them down.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SaKOxQb5yTU

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Posts : 32
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PostSubject: Re: Eternity Vault Turrets   Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:16 am

Quick Recap:
    Main Tank is first one over the hill
    One Tank for each turret
    OT rounds up Adds if possible
    Ranged DPS hit Turret, melee DPS hit power cells
    Run back to ramp when turrets are dead
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Eternity Vault Turrets
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